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6 Steps for Creating a Successful Blog

You may have stumbled upon this post because you enjoy the content on our blog, or you may have searched for keywords such as, “should my business blog?” No matter how you got here, know this – it’s fantastic that you’re reading articles relevant to your questions, and it’s just as important that your business write blogs that are relevant to your customers’ and clients’ questions!

Blogging is one of the most useful elements for marketing your business, and you can increase your website traffic by writing quality blog posts. Google uses any content on your website, blogs included, to help rank you for the various keywords people are searching for. The higher you rank in Google, the more likely people are to click on your page. Blogs provide quality long-tail keywords for topics that your business is an expert in.

There are six key steps to establishing and maintaining a successful blog. First, you should identify your audience. By understanding who you are targeting, it is easier to understand the style of writing and tone of voice you want to use. Second, you should discover what your audience wants to know. By knowing who you’re writing for and what they’re interested in reading, it will be easier to think of content.

To find topics your business should write about, consider the questions your customers ask you. By answering these questions in your blogs, you not only establish yourself as a credible source for information about these topics, but you also create content that others would search for elsewhere.

Third, it’s important to identify who will be blogging for your business. Will you have people internally write, will you ask for guest posts, or will you go for a mix of both?  Make sure whoever writes for your blog has a clear understanding of steps one and two. It will be easier for them to establish rapport if they know their audience, and easier for them to write posts when they know what they should be focusing on.

To see the last three tips on why your business should blog, see my guest blog post on Deluxe’s business blog.  If you have any other question about blogging, or tips of your own, add them to the comment section!

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