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Are You Ready to Ditch the Online Application?

Are you tired of 45-minute-long, online job applications? You know what I’m talking about. The delightfully outdated technology that times out or stops working right in the middle of the finishing touches of your application.

Well guess what, recruiters are tired of it too. Here at Versique, we have a feature that allows a prospective candidate to upload a resume and, within minutes, have it sent directly to the appropriate recruiter. Now, I will admit (like every other recruiter out there), it’s difficult to respond to every candidate. I wish I could, but sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to connect with everyone. (That doesn’t change the fact that you’re all awesome.)

So, what’s the solution to this impersonal process? I wish it were simple. Or maybe it is? Zappos thinks so. They are saying farewell to job postings altogether. So, how can you be considered? And how will you know if there might be an opening you’re interested in? Job prospects will join a social network, called Zappos Insiders, where they will network with current employees and discuss not just their skill set, but who they are and how Zappos would benefit from having them as an employee. Essentially, candidates will have to demonstrate a passion for Zappos – in some cases publicly – in hopes that a recruiter will reach out when a job that’s a good fit becomes available.

It’s a far cry from what most companies do, which is post a job description, wait for candidates to apply with cover letters and résumés online, then have recruiters spend a few seconds with these documents before firing off rejections (if anything at all). This is more of a “We spam them, they spam us back” approach, according to Zappos in this article on the topic of their new hiring approach.

Personally, I love Zappos’ idea. It’s about time people get credit for their passion for a company rather than for whether or not they meet all of the required criteria (which can be 10-12 bullet points long). Who actually meets every single bullet point of requirements?

As a relationship-driven individual, I see the power in harnessing relationships with candidates who apply to my open roles, even if they’re not an “exact fit” on paper. I might find out in the course of conversation that they do have the required experience, but failed to put in on paper. Better yet, I may realize they are a fit for another role I’m working on. It’s the human connection that makes what recruiters do so rewarding! Sending hundreds of “you’re not the right fit” emails might be a reality today, but I’ve got to believe there’s a better way. Minnesota recruiters, candidates, and online job applicants – what do you think? Leave a comment below!

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