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Are You Thankful for Your First “Real” Job Out of College?

Not everyone lands his or her dream job right out of college. In fact, I’d say very few people do. So, what does this mean for the majority of the working world? It means that most people will endure a few jobs they don’t necessarily love, in order to get to the end goal of reaching their “dream job.”

When it comes to the concept of a “dream job,” there are many factors involved.  First of all, it’s important to define how a person makes it to their dream job. There are two types of success here. The first, and likely the less common of the two, is the person who knows exactly what they want to do from day one. Upon entering college, they knew they wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a…you fill in the blank. This person, in theory, knows the exact career ladder they need to climb in order to make it to their dream position.

The second type of person, and the more common of the two, is the person who discovers what they are looking for in their dream job as they progress in their career. Looking back at my career, I started out as a management trainee at a rental car company. It was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I realized that it was a stepping stone to what I am currently doing – running a successful executive search and consulting business.  Are you thankful for your first job(s) out of college? Think back to the lessons you learned, even if it was not the job you wanted for the long run.

Whatever your path or direction may be – reading the rest of this article on the St. Thomas’ career blog will be helpful to discover if you have the right attitude and ambition to reach your “dream job” – whether it’s the job you’ve always wanted, or it’s the combination of the best in every job you’ve ever held. Cheers to discovering your dream job!