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Attracting Candidates in a Competitive Market

think about your hiring strategy.

What would lead to a candidate to choose your company over another?

There are many ways to cut the hiring strategy pie to attract the best talent for your organization.

You are likely already evaluating key pieces of candidate engagement such as competitive pay, attractive company culture, work location flexibility, community responsibility, etc. But there’s one key piece of the candidate pie in the wooing process that many hiring teams are missing out on; namely, WHO is selected to interview the candidate you’re trying to snag from a competing offer.

Why does it matter who interviews the Candidate?

As I was talking with a friend about hiring for their team, they had a metric to meet that involved hiring more women in their IT and software development teams—(hiring teams in STEM, this one’s for you).

This team found a stellar female candidate, got to the offer stage, and she declined. Why?

After soliciting feedback as to why she turned it down, the candidate shared that she was not set up with one woman from the company during her interview process. She was trying to gauge what a day in the life would look like for her and who she might find a connection with after getting hired. Unfortunately in the interview process, she never found it. The very thing this company was trying to solve for—more diversity—was left out of the hiring process.

Here’s the Takeaway:

We can ALL be more strategic with who we bring into the interview process. If you have metrics to diversify your employee population, it would be advantageous to bring a peer into that conversation. The “inclusion” part of your DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) approach shouldn’t be just reserved for current team members. It’s just as important to set up support for future team members as well.

If a candidate feels a CONNECTION to your team, that just might be the difference between why they choose you over someone else.

At Versique, we aim to be approachable and helpful, removing barriers to job searching, and making meaningful connections. Reach out, I or someone on my team would love to connect!