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Best Practices for Passive Job Seekers: Help Recruiters Find You

LinkedIn is arguably among the most valuable tools recruiters use to find passive candidates who are not actively engaged in a job search. In fact, most recruiters use the social network daily to find new candidates for in-demand roles. There are a number of changes you can make to your LinkedIn profile to help it stand out.

LinkedIn uses a number of search algorithms (think similar to Google search) to provide a list of relevant results. If you want your profile to appear at the top, it’s helpful to know what recruiters are looking for.

Job Title

Titles can vary from one company to the next. It’s important to list not only your current title, but to also embed alternative titles into your job summary.


Make sure you’re not being too specific with industry buzzwords. Oftentimes, recruiters may be searching for a role that’s outside your industry, but perfect for your skill-set. In other cases, specific industry information is crucial – find a balance that works for you.


Make sure your profile tells the story you want to portray. For example, how would a sales professional best describe their successes? Likely with data on prospecting, closing deals, and achieving goals.


Recruiters often start a search by looking into industry specific terms like certifications or awards. This practice lets them gage the likely skill level of a candidate and see their major accomplishments. Make sure your awards and certifications are present on your profile!

For examples on how to work these tips into your own LinkedIn, read the rest of my original post on the University of St. Thomas’s Opus Magnum Blog.

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