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The Brand Clan: An Interview with Tartan Marketing

Tartan Marketing is easily one of the most unique agencies I’ve seen. From its homey exterior to its distinctly Scottish feel, Tartan is one of a kind.

I sat down with Margie MacLachlan, owner of Tartan Marketing, to talk about the firm’s origins and what makes their employees and clients so happy.

These were some of my favorite highlights from our talk:

“The opportunity came up for Jim [her husband and President of the agency] and me to launch an agency together. We never set out to become huge; we just knew that our combined skill sets made a lethal combo.”

“We hire very carefully to make sure we have the sustained workload to support every position. We figure, between our employees and their families, we have about 40 mouths to feed, and we take that very seriously.”

“Our brand is all about being agile and responsive, and our people are empowered to make decisions based on what’s best for our clients.”

“In Scotland, every clan, or family, has their own unique Tartan. It’s a plaid, with colors and a pattern that is distinct from any other clan. It was like the very first ‘brand.’ So, I guess you could say branding is in our blood.”

To read the full interview with Margie MacLachlan, read my full blog originally posted on the AdFed MN website.