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Brand Positioning: Why It Matters and How to Trump the Competition

Having a strong brand position can create an image that allows customers to connect with you. This image is not only important for customers to understand why they should choose your business, but it also helps to drive your business from an internal cultural perspective.

Many firms provide the same functional needs. For example, there are a number of recruiting firms within the Minneapolis market, in addition to Versique. Having a brand position creates a reason for customers to connect with you, beyond the function of your company. Likewise, having a strong set of attributes that a customer can become loyal to will help attract them to your business. By identifying key elements that drive your business (which your competitors lack), you’ll be well on your way to realizing your brand’s positioning!

Not only is a strong brand position good for forming a deeper relationship with your customer, but it also helps to form a brand mantra that drives your company internally. You want the people who work for your company to live and breathe your mantra and brand positioning because it is the foundation of your business. Once you have a brand position, you create a stronger understanding of why you do the work you do, and how you can continue to enhance and change that work to fit the market’s needs.

Curious on how to discover your brand positioning? You can do it in-house by collaborating with your team, or you can hire a professional team. We, at Versique, used a professional team to build our positioning. They helped us identify what elements set us apart, and how we could portray that to our customers. Whichever way you choose, it is important to remember that it takes time to identify and then build a brand position, but once you do you will create a basis for your business to grow from!

To read more about how we formed our brand position and how you can use brand positioning to drive your business, read my guest blog on Deluxe about how brand positioning helps you trump the competition.

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