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Chris Dardis Discusses Salary Negotiations on FOX 9 News

June 18, 2015 – Versique’s VP of HR Consulting and Search, Chris Dardis, was recently interviewed on FOX 9 News about salary negotiation tips for recent college graduates. He shared a number of tips that every new college grad – as well as candidates at any stage in their career – should know.

While only 38% of new college graduates choose to negotiate their salary, it’s proven that three out of four hiring managers say they have an opportunity to increase it by up to 10% (

Make Industry Contacts

Chris shared advice on understanding the market in order for new graduates to position themselves well for salary negotiation. He urged those just entering the job market to talk with peers or mentors in their industry to understand what to expect from a compensation standpoint.

Show Appreciation, Build a Case, Offer Value

Chris detailed the importance of being appreciative of the offer while still building a logical case for why you deserve a higher salary. He explained that experience, specialized skills, or high academic achievement can be helpful in negotiations. New graduates have to make it clear what’s in it for the firm and the hiring managers if they offer a higher salary. For example, “If you meet my salary request, then I will accept the offer.”

Think Through All the Perks

Above all, Chris explained that at virtually any job, there are more perks than just money. New graduates might place more value on flexibility, culture, or even a company cell phone in lieu of a higher salary.

“We are more than happy to offer career insight to recent college graduates,” says Chris. “While Versique does not typically see roles for recent graduates – rather, our niche is mid- to executive-level placements – we are happy to offer career tips to emerging leaders through our blog.”

Versique’s eight practice areas including: IT, HR, Digital Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Engineering & Operations, Sales, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), and Executive Retained Search.

To hear more career insight from Chris Dardis, watch the full interview above.