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Company Engagement: The Grass Is Greener…When You Foster It!

If you notice a lag in your company’s performance despite your best efforts to present a bright and shiny brand image, there might be another thing to consider: How honest are you really being with your clients and employees?

Everyone from your clients to your employees appreciates honesty. If you present yourself as a luxury lakeside retreat, when what you really offer is a shady swamp-side shack, you’ll probably find yourself in some trouble. It takes more than flashy marketing to engage people with your brand.

The grass on the other side is only greener if you don’t focus on your own lawn. Everything from internship programs and succession planning, to collaboration and incentive programs can act as fertilizer and water to grow your company.

Once you see growth, it’s time to manicure and weed your new green grass by providing timely employee feedback, listening to customer feedback, and finding new ways for your employees to use their knowledge and experience.

To find out what else your competitors are doing to keep their grass green and beautiful, read my full blog on Performance I Create.

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