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CPG Hiring Challenges

Consumer product manufacturers are facing a number of hiring challenges in today’s market. One concern is the slow, or even negative, growth in disposable income for consumers buying products. Another challenge is that consumer attitudes towards products and brands change as more product choices enter the marketplace. In response, companies must dramatically shift their product distribution and communication strategy.

These shifts in the market call for organizations to reevaluate their approach to the hiring process, emphasizing the new roles required to meet changing industry needs. Simultaneously, these trends challenge the way CPG companies manage their brands and categories.

CPG companies shouldn’t dismiss traditional selling and category roles, but rather look at hiring individuals with knowledge and/or experience that will foster continued growth during periods of change. These expanded roles focus on ecommerce, consumer insights, logistics, and packaging.

In addition to changing hiring strategies, companies must survey the growth of distribution channels, which include retailers, grocery, online, warehouse clubs, and subscription systems. Examining these systems allows for a better understanding of the consumer and their shopping habits. For instance, consumers increasingly seek out “better for you” products that also give back to their communities. This boom in consumers shopping locally is just one example of the increased need for reliable consumer insight on the industry side.

In the face of these challenges, it is critical to build strong teams that can combat industry changes. Make sure your team has the skills to work cross-functionally to meet consumer needs as new talent and ideas come into the organization. The information included in this salary guide will better prepare you and bring clarity to both traditional and trending roles in the marketplace.

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