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Poor Candidate Experiences Negatively Impact Your Employer Brand

Candidates work hard to make a positive first impression throughout the interview process. They’ve perfected their Elevator Pitch, researched your company, prepared questions, and changed outfits three-plus times before arriving at your office. 

As an employer, are you putting in the effort to ensure you are providing a positive experience in return?

Successful companies understand the importance of a job seeker’s journey and why an engaging interview process is essential to develop a strong Employer Brand to attract top talent. Let’s not forget, candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them!

You should provide a positive candidate experience. Here’s why:

People Talk

Not too long ago, I was on a call with an awesome candidate. She fit the role I was recruiting for perfectly, which doesn’t happen very often. Great personality paired with an impressive skill set. Even her compensation requirements aligned.

It was one of those recruiting calls that brightens your day… heck, even your week. Everything was great until I disclosed the name of our client. She politely interrupted and let me know she had a friend who interviewed with the same company a year ago. Her friend felt underappreciated and eventually removed herself from the process. As you can imagine, my rockstar candidate wasn’t interested in pursuing the opportunity given her friend’s negative experience.

1-Star Interview Ratings Won’t Cut It

“I don’t think this is the right fit. I was waiting in the lobby for nearly thirty minutes.”

I received this message from a candidate after his in-person interview. Most employers will agree, it’s never a good sign if a candidate shows up late to a job interview. It’s Rule #1… Always Be On Time. Yet, somehow, hiring managers are leaving candidates stewing in their lobbies for ten, fifteen… sometimes even thirty-minutes?! Unacceptable.

The punctuality standard should apply to both the Interviewer and the Interviewee.

Your Feedback Is Invaluable

I was working with a candidate who was open to learning about new opportunities. She was happy in her current role, but she grew very interested in a position I was working on for our client. And, rightfully so…her background aligned very well with the job description.

Over the next four weeks, she completed three video conference calls and a test case before being asked to come in to give her final presentation. A day after her final interview, I received the following message via email from the hiring manager: “Unfortunately, we will be passing on Jane Doe. I’ll let you know if there is any feedback.”

Candidates are keen to receive feedback after an interview, yet some employers are unwilling to give it. Why? One of the greatest gifts you can give an individual during their job search is constructive feedback. Take the time to acknowledge their effort and give them the opportunity to improve. Each applicant should feel valued throughout the interview process.

The Bottom Line

Over time, your effort toward engaging in positive interviews will deliver the best candidates. Respect for time, good conversation, and your enthusiastic sales pitch introducing the organization are meaningful! Hired or not, a good candidate experience will help you build a stronger Employer Brand and a new brand ambassador.