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Exercise Increases Workplace Productivity

As I sit here and wait for spring to finally decide to stay – and Minnesota to stop bouncing back and forth between winter and warm – believe it or not, I’m in a good mood.

Why is that? Well, it’s partially to thank because I’ve incorporated movement into my day. Having a desk job like so many others, I know it takes a conscious effort to make movement happen. But when I do, it improves my mood, and ultimately my productivity, just as so many studies and articles have pointed out.

Here are a few ideas for employers who want to jump on the wellness bandwagon. And these aren’t just ideas to implement so you can say you’ve checked the wellness box. Rather, I encourage you to actually take some time, sit down with others in your organization, and figure out what’s going to work for your employees.

  1. Get BlueZone certified. Learn more about it, it’s a pretty cool concept. In fact, a local company just did it and had great success!
  2. If #1 sounds too daunting, how about investing in a space that offers a gym and/or locker room showers so employees who want to work out over their lunch break have the option to? I’m lucky to have that option here at Park Place West. Because my time is very limited, the only time I can sneak a workout in is during a lunch break.
  3. Participate in a 5K walk/run in the community. Sponsor your employees. Maybe even sponsor their spouse/significant other/friend to encourage participation. I’ve done this with past employers, and Versique (formerly McKinley Group), has participated in these in these as well.  It’s a great way to bond with your colleagues out of the office, and a nice alternative to consuming calories at a happy hour.

Here’s a little incentivizing equation I’ve been thinking about:
Healthy living = happier employers = sick less often = lower medical insurance premiums = companies have more $$ to invest elsewhere (like maybe in that 5K next month, and team shirts. It doesn’t take much.)

So, even though you might be looking out your window wishing for spring to finally stay, and the sun to come out (like we all are), there might be something you can do to energize yourself and your co-workers right now – get involved in making your company more active, and ultimately more productive!