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Find a Recruiter Who Understands You

Imagine walking into a dealership to buy a new sports car, but the only remaining salesperson is someone who specializes in selling RV’s……sure they both have four wheels and a motor, but they’re definitely not the same kind of vehicle.

Now translate the above example into finding a new job – not all recruiters have the same area of expertise, so make sure you’re getting your advice from someone who understands your niche.

At Versique, we specialize in recruiting marketing positions for high-growth B2B SaaS & technology companies. Whether it’s Demand Gen, Marketing Ops, Digital, Product, or even UX/UI, we can help you find your next great opportunity.

Wes Lieser, VP of Demand Generation & Marketing Technology, highlights the importance of finding a recruiter that understands you and your specific needs.

Versique stays on top of hiring trends to make sure both candidates and clients are prepared. If you’re an employer, contact us to find people for your business. If you’re an employee searching for your next opportunity, make sure you’re utilizing the best resources to find the best fit. Get in touch with us today.