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Finding the Right IT Recruiter and Asking the Right Questions

When IT hiring managers need to use a search firm, there are certain questions they should ask, and search firms should be prepared with the answers.

Most importantly, hiring managers should find out how much experience recruiters have in recruiting a certain technology, and how large their candidate database is in certain technologies. Some search firms specialize in.Net and Java developers, others in SAP or mobile developers, but rarely does a search firm have a large database in every technology.

Second, hiring managers should find out how many searches the lead recruiter is working on, and how many other recruiters will be working on their search as well. Even if a hiring manager picks the search firm with the right technical background, expectations may not be met if sufficient time cannot be devoted to getting a search done.

Third, pick a search firm with a proven process. Does this firm meet all the candidates they submit? Does the search firm put candidates through technical tests to prove their ability in a certain skill?

If a hiring manager can get those questions answered to their satisfaction, they have selected the right search firm.

Hiring managers should also be prepared to answer questions from a search firm:

  1. Why is the position open and how long has it been open?
  2. Are you working with other search firms on this opening?
  3. How many people have interviewed for this opening, and is anyone close to receiving an offer?
  4. When do you want to hire this person, and what is your interview process?
  5. What companies have the best hires in your company come from?
  6. What methods have you used so far in trying to fill this position?
  7. What is the best way to communicate with you about this search?
  8. What are the best reasons a candidate would want this job and to work for your company?

There are oftentimes many upfront questions between hiring managers and a search firm, but that’s the way expectations are met, and the best talent ends up at your company.

Content provided by Joe Janasz