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Hiring in 2021? – Here Are 3 Things You DON’T Want to Hear

Now that a vaccine is generally available to most Americans, and the weather is getting nicer, it’s all smooth sailing from here, right?  When it comes to hiring, though, the picture is quite different. 

We often hear how higher unemployment should make a recruiter’s life easier. The idea makes sense; with more job seekers on the market, there is more talent to choose from. But here are 3 reasons why hiring in 2021 is predicted to be anything but smooth sailing. 

1. Higher Unemployment Does Not Equal More Qualified Candidates

This is a tricky concept since it runs counter to common sense. While there are many great candidates on the market, there are still many barriers keeping workers from going full-throttle in their job search:

  1. Lack of Qualifications: Requirements for positions aren’t changing. Just because there are more people “on the market” doesn’t necessarily translate into more people qualified to fill your role. Candidates who didn’t meet the required qualifications before, are still unqualified for the position.

  2. What Happened to all the “Passive” Candidates? Imagine stepping back out into a very uncertain job market. Many workers are still burned by the 2020 job market, which simply means candidates just aren’t eager to add another unknown to an already crazy time. As for those candidates who were considering switching jobs prior to 2020 – many are now taking another look around and thinking they’re lucky for the job they have. More workers are prone to consider sticking with what they know vs. what they don’t.

  3. Child Care Options/Changing Priorities: While many unemployed workers are eager to get back to work, many people still have limited options for child care. Additionally, there are many other professionals who revised their priorities in 2020. These are candidates who have made the decision to take time off to spend with their kids, or are wanting a position that doesn’t come with the professional demands they had prior to 2020. 

2. Candidates Aren’t Making Lateral Moves

When hiring for a position at the director-level or above, most companies want a “can’t miss” candidate. They want someone with a proven track record of success to come in and duplicate the same results they got for their last company. 

But this is counterintuitive to many job seekers, especially for the director-level or above crowd where upward mobility is significantly slower. Stagnation is one of the main motivators for talented people to look for a change. 

What makes lateral moves even more unappetizing is how nobody wants to be “last one in, first one out.” That might not be the case for your business, but 2020 has a lot of people on edge and workers are usually prone to stick with a job, even one they’re not fond of, because they may be protected by tenure and insulated from possible layoffs. 

Very often, what this leads to are many companies not wanting to hire candidates looking to take the next step. Meanwhile, there are many candidates not wanting to make a move unless it’s a step up. Workers who are hungry to grow their career and gain new skills are going to be far less willing to make a lateral move, doing the same thing.

This is a good thing. It demonstrates drive and a determination to face new challenges – just the kind of high-level candidate you should be looking for.

3. Backlog in Hiring 

Do you currently have a high-priority vacancy on your team? A quick search for similar positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, or any other job board will show your competition. 

It’s no secret that hiring was slower than normal in 2020. But that doesn’t mean the need for talent went away. It just got pushed out. And what we’re facing right now is a massive backlog in hiring – what many in staffing and recruiting are referring to as pent up demand for talent.

So while the number of candidates may be increasing, so too are the number of employers looking to finally fill those vacancies. This explains a paradox in the job market wherein the number of new job seekers goes up, but the ratio of job seekers to open positions stays the same.

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These are weird times. Businesses are starting to ramp up operations and hire again. But not only are job seekers still wary of the effects and uncertainties of 2020, but many of them face the same hurdles that kept them from looking for work before COVID hit.

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