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How To Host A Productive Annual Review

The Ultimate Guide For The Best Yearly Review

Yearly reviews are meant to serve a very specific purpose. These meetings are meant to generate conversations between a leader and their individual team members to review the year’s successes and learning moments and to establish and agree upon goals for the new year.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen companies revamp their annual review meetings to improve upon these, sometimes awkward, conversations.  Some companies have moved away from rating employee performance with a number. Other companies have reduced this meeting to a merit discussion. There are even some companies that have done away with annual reviews altogether and moved to quarterly reviews.

The key to a more impactful and productive annual review meeting is to ensure there are no surprises. If a leader is providing consistent and honest feedback throughout the course of the year, these meetings tend to run more smoothly.

There is not one best way to run these meetings, but there are signs that can help you understand if you are on or off track.

How you know you are doing it right:

  1. It is a two-way conversation regarding accomplishments and future goals.
  2. The meeting starts with having already read a list of accomplishments of which the employee is proud of.
  3. You create and agree upon specific goals for the employee, together.
  4. You’ve had progress check-ins at least once a quarter.

How you know you are doing it wrong:

  1. This is the first or second time all year you have sat down with your employee, one-on-one, to discuss performance.
  2. You realize that during the conversation, the employee has a laundry list of complaints that are new to you.
  3. Your employee is surprised by your constructive criticism and then turns to criticism about your leadership.

Overall Yearly Tips

  • Reduce surprises by consistently offering immediate feedback throughout the year.
  • Hold individual one-on-one monthly meetings at the very least, but every two weeks would be best.
  • Always be reviewing your employee’s performance and providing feedback.
  • Hold a 360-feedback annual review: This means you allow the employee to fill out the annual review, so you can review it before going into the meeting with your managerial review.

If you put this advice into play, your yearly reviews will go much smoother and your employees will be on the right track to success.

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