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How to Prepare for Unique Interview Questions (WCCO Interview)


March 21, 2017 – Job interviews can be more than stressful, especially if you get thrown off by an unexpected question from your potential employer.  So, why are employers asking these unusual questions to begin with?

Chris Dardis, local recruitment expert and VP of HR Consulting at Versique Search and Consulting, shares two reasons why this is happening. “One, employers are trying to get candidates off their scripted answers, in hopes of gaining a more honest response. Two, even though these questions are little awkward they still are looking for a specific competency that is required within the job,” Chris states.

Chris, shares insight on the reasoning behind some of the toughest and thought provoking questions asked in a job interview, and how to answer them.

If your current employer had an anniversary party for you, what three words would be written on the cake to describe you?

Chris explains the rationale behind this question is for the employer to gain an understanding of your top strengths, without asking the question in traditional style. It is also a good way for them to be able to understand your self-awareness of how people perceive you, he explains. Dardis’s advice on the best way to answer a question like this, is to be honest about yourself and try to draw some correlation between your top strengths and the requirements of the job.

Who in history would you want to go to dinner with and why?

This question is intended to identify personality traits to determine if you would be a good culture fit within the company and it also provides insight into your character. Chris’s number one tip for this question is to be candid, as well as, be able to clearly articulate the reasons behind why you have chosen that specific dinner guest. On a side note, he jokes, that if your answer happens to be a pop star, such as Justin Bieber, it may be a good idea to have a backup answer.

Please describe an instance where you had to make a decision without all the necessary information?

Chris explains, this is another behavioral based question, the employer is trying to understand how you make decisions. He describes the process that Versique Search and Consulting utilizes to coach candidates on how to successfully answer this question. “We tell our candidates to answer in three parts. One, clearly identify the issue you are trying to overcome. Two, how did you gather the data and who did you involve in making this decision. Third, how did you take action and what was the ultimate outcome.”

Throw your resume aside and tell me what makes you, you?

This is another behavioral and cultural question, the employer is interested in how you can carry on a conversation with the person sitting across from you. He explains that it’s okay to get personal with this question. Tell them where you grew up, what your hobbies and interest are, but don’t drag your answer out. Keep it short, simple and at two minutes maximum when responding. View all Chris’s tips and advice in the video below!

What is the strangest interview question you’ve ever been asked?

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