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How to Stand Out From the Crowd with a Post-Interview Thank-You Note

Imagine you’re a job seeker in 2022, and you want to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Imagine your interview just ended. You were punctual, came prepared, and did a great job showcasing your expertise.

Congratulations, you nailed it. But wait!

You still have one more chance to make a lasting impression and really stand out from other applicants – something very few other job seekers are utilizing – by writing a stellar post-interview thank-you note.

Why is Writing a Thank-You Note Important?

As a previous Senior Recruiter (and now Director) in the hiring space, I can speak from personal experience that a candidate who writes a thank-you note to the employer or interviewer (which may mean multiple notes), appears eager, well-mannered, invested in the role, and interested in the company.

Some other benefits to writing a thank-you note:

  • It sets the tone as a candidate that stands above the others.
  • Employers enjoy receiving positive feedback after an interview.
  • You never know what the hiring manager may consider a deal-breaker, and that could include not following up with a thank-you note.
  • Employers will remember you as it shows you’re polite and professional.

Tips to Make Your Thank-You Note Stand Out

  • Be timely! Send your thank-you note as soon as possible after the interview. It’s best to write it as soon as the interview is over while the conversations are still fresh in your mind. Then send it the very same day.
  • Send your thank-you note via email. Sending a handwritten thank-you note is nice, but unless you plan to hand-deliver the note within 24 hours, it’s probably best to write a personal email instead. You wouldn’t want your thank-you note to arrive in the mail days later, when a hiring decision has possibly already been made. Emails are the thank-you notes of today, and they can still be incredibly thoughtful and personal with the right language.
  • Be genuine, thoughtful, and unique in each message you send. Cater the thank-you note to the individual(s) who interviewed you by drawing on specific examples you talked about in conversation. Highlight what aspect(s) of the company and role you enjoyed learning about during the interview, and reiterate why you would love to be a part of the team. It couldn’t hurt to also throw in a personal anecdote. One applicant added lyrics from their college cheer song because it was also my alma mater. (Go, Tommies!)

Drawing on the points above, here are examples of things to include in your thank-you note:

  • Be genuine about your level of enthusiasm
  • Reinforce why you’re interested in the position and why’d you’d be a good fit
  • Explain how you can add value to the team and company
  • Offer to answer any questions they might still have
  • Reiterate your appreciation for their time

Don’t let a key opportunity pass you by!

Don’t let the challenge of crafting your thank-you note hold you back from sending one.

Over 50% of candidates don’t send a follow-up thank-you note after an interview. While that’s bad news for them, that’s great news for you! A thank-you note may not guarantee you’ll get the job, it will undoubtedly set you apart from other candidates.

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