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Versique HR Lab Recap: Mental Well-Being and Psychological Safety

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

Throughout the year, the Versique HR team hosts a series of HR Labs for clients and our greater HR networks to create a space for gaining insights on HR trends and sharing takeaways for application. It should come as no surprise that we thought the most important topic for this quarter was mental well-being and psychological safety. 

2020 has tested us in countless, unimaginable ways. But, perhaps, one of the silver linings is the increased emphasis and destigmatization on mental health.

More than ever before, the pandemic has forced us to realize our own mental health, the mental health of those around us at work and at home, and just how important it is to healthy, happy, and productive lives. 

We were extremely fortunate to have two prominent voices in this space join us for our December HR Lab: Shareen Luze and Jess Elmquist

Shareen Luze leads the Human Resources team and is responsible for the development and execution of strategic human resources strategies and initiatives for RBC Wealth Management – US.

Shareen joined us to share her harrowing story about her lifelong experience with mental health and postpartum anxiety. Her moving, compelling experience teaches all of us about the importance of honesty, compassion, empathy, and grace as it relates to resilience and healing as we all embark through our own unique journeys and how we can better support those around us as they embark on their own.. 

For two decades, Jess Elmquist has led Life Time, the Healthy Way of Life company, as their Chief Learning Officer, and EVP of Human Capital. Jess was kind enough to join us and offer his insights on a new way to look at mental health at work and introduce Life Time Mind, a new holistic performance coaching program to help leaders build the tools, systems, and support to cultivate a healthier mind, body, and spirit for themselves and their team members. 

The early results from Life Time Mind have been incredibly promising. 

  • Before coaching, 63% of participants said they were unsure how to shift their mood.
    • After coaching, 96% learned new ways to shift their mood
  • Before coaching, 73% of participants said they were unsure how to manage stress. 
    • After coaching, 96% of participants learned new ways to manage stress.
  • Before coaching, 58% of participants said they had difficulty in relationships at home or work.
    • After coaching, 83% of participants said their relationships improved as a result of LT Mind.

We encourage all of you to watch the full replay of our HR Lab and share the recording with your friends and colleagues who may need help. 

As we head into the new year, we hope to carry our rejuvenated appreciation, respect and understanding of mental health forward to help create a more welcoming, supportive, and healthy world for everyone. 

We hope to see you at our next HR Lab, but in the meantime, you can learn more about our HR Consulting services and see recaps of more HR Labs on our website.