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Is an HR Consultant Right For You?

Have you ever wondered why organizations utilize consultants rather than hiring full time employees? There are various advantages for doing so that not only improve processes and conserve time but also save costs.

There are a variety of needs that lead to an organization bringing in a specialized HR consultant. Some of the most common reasons for hiring a consultant are below.

Save Money

This is true for companies of all sizes. Small- to medium-sized companies can bring in a specialized HR consultant on an “as-needed” basis instead of hiring a highly-compensated permanent HR Director. With a great HR consultant, larger companies give their HR leaders the opportunity to delegate special projects to that individual, allowing them to stay focused on their main initiatives.

Implement New Technology

With changing and evolving technology, technical implementations are common. A consultant can help install, roll out, and train on new HRIS systems.

Recruit in Peak Periods

Contract recruiters can come in to assist during peak periods or times of growth. This saves on cost-per-hire and is a method for ramping up quickly.

Complete Annual Projects

Many HR projects are done on an annual basis and a specialized consultant can be a huge help. Some common annual projects include performance appraisal preparation, compensation/merit reviews, benefits selection/audit, etc.

Fill Vacant Roles

Vacant roles can be open for months before a full-time candidate is selected. In the meantime, who is doing the work? Are other employees bogged down covering the need, increasing the risk of low morale or turnover? An interim consultant can keep things afloat while the search is conducted and, in many instances, they may even be the candidate selected for the opening.

Effectively Solve Problems

Whether it is learning and development, an HR project, or a change management initiative, specialized HR consultants thrive on problem solving. They have seen what works at other firms and can suggest solutions with a fresh, outside perspective. They are skilled at assessing problems in high-pressure situations, bringing a calming influence and delivering solutions.

If you are contemplating the need for an HR consultant, note that the selection process is just as important as making a full-time hire. Typically, there is an interview process to talk through the project initiative and ensure the consultant’s background is a good match for the assignment.

If you’d like to learn how a consultant can assist with your current business problem or strategic initiative, contact our team today!

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