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Job Intake: How To Discover The Ideal Candidate

The right questions, to make the right hire.

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect candidate for any position is highly unlikely because every person on the decision making team (CEO, Director, Hiring Manager, etc.) has a different definition of success for the role. With all these different mindsets, it’s important to ask the right questions to uncover what the ideal candidate would look like… someone who can add value to themselves and the organization.

The goal in a job intake is to extensively understand the company’s needs for the role, responsibilities, day-to-day life and what type of person would fit the culture. There are so many components and moving pieces that go together when aligning a talented worker with a new role; many of which go beyond the simple buzz words on the job description filled with generic lines.

I’ve come to find that a PERFECT match on paper rarely turns out to be the person that gets hired. Things like attitude, energy, and personality outweigh technical skills in quite a few situations. If you haven’t seen on the LinkedIn Reports released lately on the growing need for “soft skills” (general business communication,) I’d highly recommend checking out current job market trends. Many times, it’s the hidden, unsaid details or biases that can be a “make or break” for a candidate doing well in the position.  Since there is 350+ years combined executive placement knowledge here at my company, Versique, I decided to leverage some co-workers and compile a list of questions, outside the basics, for a job intake that have helped me find the right hire for my clients.

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8 Unique Job Intake Questions

  1. What’s the reasoning for this position opening?

  2. How do you define success in this role?

  3. In one year, how will you know this person was a successful hire?

  4. What are some of the current challenges you’d like this hire to tackle?

  5. What’s the communication style of the team and organization structure?

  6. What skills are preferred, but not necessary?

  7. Is it critical to have direct industry experience for this role?

  8. Are there specific non-negotiables? Negotiables?


I’d also recommend to throw in a few hypothetical situations or “IF-then” questions to further elaborate on the ideal candidate.

Wes Lieser

Example: -If we made the perfect hire and looking back after a year, what 3 things has this person accomplished?

All-in-all, it’s about thinking outside of the box and really diving into understanding the individual who will thrive in the role and help the company hit their goals. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of mindsets and key decision makers in the interview process.

A colleague of mine Wes Lieser always says, “In the end, a recruiters job is to identify skills and provide transparent information to both the client and candidate in order to make an educated decision.”



If your company needs help finding the right talent, contact us today! For more career tips and advice check out Versique’s blog.


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