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KARE 11 Interview – Ghosting Comes To The Workplace

KARE 11 Interview – “Ghosting” is a term commonly used in a relationship to describe someone who suddenly goes silent without any explanation. Now, hiring managers are seeing employees and candidates ghost them. HR and recruitment expert Tiffany Kuehl recently was on KARE 11 to share her insights on the topic.



Consequences of Ghosting


  1. Other hiring leaders will find out
  2. Damages your reputation


  1. It’s Costly – For the company and its employees
  2. Could be a sign of internal issues

How Can Businesses Prevent From Being Ghosted?

  1. Determine Your Business Proposition – Who you are and what makes you unique?
  2. Back Up What You Say You Offer – Be able to back up what you have to offer as an employer.



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