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Should You Be Looking For A New Job? (KARE 11 Interview)

by Joe Reardon

October 15, 2017 – Right now, Minnesota companies are scrambling to find workers. Just last month, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development said there are more job vacancies than people looking for work. Our own Joe Reardon, Sr. Practice Director and Executive Search Expert, recently appeared on KARE11 to discuss this topic.



Joe Reardon answers 4 of the most common questions about this trend and how it affects you.

Q: Why are there so many open positions in Minnesota?

We are in a shifting market; baby boomers are retiring and there aren’t enough skilled and experienced millennials to take their place. Therefore, many companies have started succession planning, which is where a business recruits and develops employees to fill key roles down the road. If a company isn’t doing this, it can make it hard for them to find the correct fit for replacement when that time comes.


Q: What does that mean for people out there looking for a job?

Right now, this means that there are a lot of opportunities out there, depending on your skill set. Manufacturing and healthcare are two areas that come top of mind that have been trending for need of employment, but really, the demand is across the board in various industries.


Q: What are companies looking for in new candidates?

What myself and others at Versique have found, is that companies are looking for people who fit within their culture. Having the right culture fit, can at times be more important than having all the required skills necessary for the job.


Q: Do you have any tips for people on the hunt for a new job?

Although it seems simple, networking can make the difference when searching for a new job. Make sure you are utilizing your personal and professional networks, as well as LinkedIn. You never know where a connection can be made that links to your area of interest. Another key tip is to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and active. This allows people to find you, look at your experience, and share your profile with others. If you know what industry you’d like to grow within, stay up to date on relevant industry content and become a subject matter expert. Continuous improvement is always important no matter what stage of your career.

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