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Millennials Are #Leaving – What’s Our Plan?

Minnesota’s workforce is changing from both ends of the generation spectrum. Not only are more and more baby boomers retiring, but young professionals are also leaving the state in droves and no one seems to know what to do about it.

While long winters, high state taxes, and even the lack of a soccer stadium are being touted as possible causes, it seems strange that a place that is consistently ranked one of the “best places to live” can’t seem to keep young people around.

The predominant characteristics of the millennial generation are well known. They are social, tech savvy, crave flexibility, etc. But there’s one characteristic I think is at the root of this mass millennial exodus: wanderlust.

To read more about why I think Millennials are experiencing this desire for travel and exploration, and what I think we can do to keep young people in Minnesota, read the full post on St. Thomas’s Opus Magnum Blog.

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash.