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Who Moves The Dial When It Comes to Diversity & Inclusion

Versique HR Consulting recently held an event focusing on Diversity & Inclusion. Specifically, the changing workforce demographics and what a few companies are doing with this key business initiative. You may be familiar with the Silver Tsunami, succession planning, the immigrant workforce, and other workplace issues. But what I find most critical to the success of our workplace future is this question: who plays a critical role in inclusion and growing your company’s diverse populations and leadership? Loud and clear, it’s middle management.

The Role of HR

HR plays a critical role in educating and training leaders of all levels in understanding their own biases, specific data breakdowns, the power of networking, and more. Your leadership needs to know if you have hired 25% diverse candidates in the last year, for example, and of that number, how many are women, minorities, and specifically poised for leadership positions. Utilize assessments and establish ongoing training that teach your leaders how to network with passive candidates and associations in order to identify future candidates. In regards to Inclusion, building groups that help employees of all levels and backgrounds feel connected is a big key to maintaining longevity and helping them feel included.

At the same time that we hosted this event, we had a unique situation come to light in a youth sports association. Unfortunately, there had been a handful of racial incidences within a specific team. I was pleased to see the roll out of a D & I campaign for players, parents and coaches. But much like in business, the key to moving the dial on critical D & I issues is middle management. In this case:  coaches and parents.


The takeaway that I see here is that no matter if it is in your private life or in business, we all play a major role in the well being of a level playing field for all.  That can mean everything from including the kid on the team that looks or acts differently from you to getting involved in work-related groups and organizations outside of your norm. At the end of the day, a little investment in others can go an awfully long way. Look at yourself as that mid-level manager and keep that dial moving in the right direction towards diversity and inclusion.


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