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New Vision Inspires Our Culture

People will work hard for money, but give their life for meaning. With this in mind, have you ever wondered how core values impact your organization’s performance? From all that we’ve learned over our combined 246 years of experience in talent acquisition, one thing stands out: achievement is the result of a culture that is willing to stand for something beyond simply making money — a culture that passionately embraces a set of shared values; and that strives toward a common vision.

At Versique™ Search & Consulting, we believe in values-based management and a vision-driven culture. We believe in the power of a singular idea: create a high-performance culture and watch everything else align. Talent acquisition can be challenging. So we focus on creating strong relationships with our clients and candidates. And the culture we build around that focus — that trust — determines our success.

We’re creating an opportunity for us all to be great at what matters most. Of course, that’s different for each of us. But what we have in common brings us together: celebrating success, working as one team, leading the industry, and giving back to our community. These are our shared values. They show that we care enough to make a difference and that we have a unique point of view. They explain why we’re here and they prescribe where we’ll go.

These core values encourage us to do remarkable work at every level: individually, as an organization, and within the community. These values connect us. They empower us. Without them, a leap into the future might be frightening. With them, our team, our candidates, and our clients experience the kind of confidence that allows us all to make brave choices in an uncertain world. How do your core values motivate you?