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No Pinocchios Allowed: Why Honesty is the Greatest Recruiting Tool

In our profession, the difference between success and failure is based on the amount and accuracy of information we receive from our clients and candidates. It’s our job as recruiting professionals to fully understand the desires of both the client and our candidates and do our best to align them with the right match. Lack of information, or even misinformation, about these desires can lead to unhappy clients, candidates, and recruiters.

We strive for complete transparency with our clients and candidates, an important process that’s established through trust.  Transparency of information rarely comes before the creation of trust.

In the book The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey writes, “Trust is equal parts character and competence.” On the Versique HR Consulting and Search team, we understand that while our past work experience within the corporate HR settings gives us competence, it’s our most recent actions that define our character.

While the recruiting industry can often seem transactional, at Versique, we choose to focus our energy on fostering meaningful relationships that benefit our clients and candidates alike. It’s more important to us to fill a role with the right person, than to simply find someone to sit in the chair. Our clients trust that we will deliver a competent candidate that fits their culture, and our candidates trust that we will place them somewhere they will succeed professionally, and somewhere they will enjoy working. With that trust comes transparency, which makes everyone better off.

If you work with a recruiter, it is always a good idea to ask for transparency of information. If you don’t have trust in their character or competence, then why work with them? Life is too short, and your career is too important, to put your trust into partners that don’t provide you with what you need: honest information through honest conversations.

Where have you seen the benefits of transparency in your own professional life? I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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