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Rescue A CEO: Best Interview Questions

If you’re a business leader, you’ve likely interviewed a candidate…and wondered if you’re asking the right questions. Well, you’re not alone! Rescue A CEO, a niche blog site helping business owners and entrepreneurs with business challenges, recently asked a number of business leaders, including myself, to tell them about their best go-to interview questions.

Having been in the recruiting industry for over 16 years, I feel like I’ve asked them all! That said, there’s one, in particular, I consider to be my go-to question, especially because it so greatly ties into my own life.

I like learning more about a person’s past. Was there a major life event that affected them in their childhood, their teens, their early twenties? If so, it may be the root cause for specific behaviors, tendencies, and overall drive.

Here’s a snippet from my response: “I grew up in a single-parent family…feeling like an outsider, my childhood experience gave me the drive to excel…”

To learn more about my story, and to read fantastic interview questions from other industry leaders, check out the full article: “Fielding the Best Interview Questions from Entrepreneurs and Business Owners”