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Unlocking HR Analytics to Drive Your Business Forward

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to HR analytics and position your company for success!

About the Event

Join us for an exclusive workshop hosted by Versique Search & Consulting, tailored for business leaders seeking to harness the power of HR Analytics to drive strategic decision-making. This insightful event will provide a comprehensive exploration of key aspects in leveraging HR analytic capabilities, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your organization’s performance.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Industry Trends and Metrics: Discover the latest trends in the HR analytics landscape. Learn what metrics are crucial for measuring and tracking success in the ever-evolving business environment.
  2. Best Practices and Benchmarking: Gain valuable insights into best practices and benchmarks employed by industry leaders. Explore how to initiate and build effective HR analytics strategies from the ground up.
  3. Addressing Gaps for Mid-Market Companies: Identify common gaps faced by mid-market size companies, such as the challenges of investing in large analytical software and agencies. Learn practical tips and recommendations to bridge these gaps, even on a limited budget.
  4. Operations and Leveraging Existing Data: Understand how to operationalize your inquiries and extract meaningful answers. Uncover strategies for leveraging the data within your existing systems, maximizing its potential.
  5. Aligning with Strategic Plans: Explore ways to integrate HR analytics seamlessly with your organization’s strategic plan. Learn how to build an infrastructure that complements, rather than competes with, your overall business strategy.
  6. AI Integration: Gain insights into where it makes sense to incorporate AI in HR analytics and where it doesn’t. Understand the strategic applications of artificial intelligence in enhancing decision-making processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to HR analytics and position your company for success! Reserve your spot now!

Date: February 28th, 2024

Time: 8:30am-10:30am CST (registration begins at 8:30)

Versique Search & Consulting
6465 Wayzata Blvd.
Suite 800
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Cost: FREE


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Tiffany Grandchamp

Tiffany Grandchamp is the founder of multiple companies. She is passionate about bringing analytics and insights into the DEI space, to accelerate how companies “do better” by their employees. Tiffany’s passion project, Women Lifting Women, is a company on a mission to close the gender gap in leadership roles, advance pay equity, and to empower women as leaders. Tiffany also consults for companies and executives in areas of coaching, leadership development, human resources, strategy, workforce analytics, business analytics, and more.

Mike Kidwell_2017 (print)

Mike Kidwell

Mike is a seasoned professional in the field of People Analytics with 15+ years of experience spanning multiple organizations. With a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to enhance organizational performance and employee engagement, Mike has been instrumental in the inception of People Analytics at Target, UnitedHealth Group, and Exact Sciences.  Mike has also worked in the HR business partner function, which gave him an understanding of how HR partners consume analytics and how those insights can be translated into business impact.  Mike currently leads People Analytics strategy for American Tire Distributors.

Versique HR Lab - 2022 | Navigating “The Great Renegotiation”

We were thrilled to host our 11th Versique HR Lab and first in-person event in the last two years.

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