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Seeking Demand Generation Talent for the New Year? Hire NOW

If you’re reading this, you’re likely aware that Demand Generation/Marketing Technology expertise has never been more in-demand. Not only are the tools and systems very complex, but the fact that Demand Generation is tied so closely to revenue further increases the value proposition to an organization.

Last week, I spoke to a client who was looking to hire a Director of Demand Generation. After we finished discussing the job requirements, critical success factors of the role, culture of the organization, leadership style, etc., I asked about their hiring timeline.

Their response? “This position is opening after the first of the year, so we’d like to start seeing candidates as soon as possible after that.”

I was a little surprised by their response. Far too often, the response is more like, “We’d like to have the position filled yesterday.”

Any other time of the year, I would praise the client planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute. However, this situation is different. It’s no secret that the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a slow time for hiring. Strategy planning for the coming year and holiday schedules are among the biggest culprits.

This time, my recommendation was that they start seeing candidates immediately to capitalize on the fact that many companies aren’t in hard-core hiring mode.

Don’t let this advice convince you that no one else is hiring; that’s not the case at all. However, there are generally fewer companies with hiring as their main focus at the end of the year.

With fewer companies focused on hiring, there is less competition for the best talent currently available. Top candidates typically aren’t weighing as many different offers as they would in January.

Even if you don’t officially hire the person until budget comes available in January, by starting the interview process now you’ve positioned yourself ahead of other companies that won’t start the interview process until after the New Year.

While this scenario might not be possible for every organization, if you have the ability to act while others are waiting, grab the opportunity. In a candidate-driven market like Demand Generation, it will only help you in the search for top talent.

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