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St. Thomas Opus Magnum: The Power of Continuous Education

Do you take the time to develop your mind and your personal brand? We’re always being told how to develop our business, better our skills, deepen our relationships, but do we really take the time to invest in activities that stimulate our ability to grow as a person, both personally and professionally?

It comes more naturally to some than to others, and it can greatly depend on where we are at with our lives, again both personally and professionally, but regardless of our personalities and our life stages, it’s highly important to take time to invest in ourselves!

The University of St. Thomas has a great blog that discusses helpful tips for its business alumni, and Twin Cities business professionals. They asked me to contribute with a blog post discussing the power of continuous education. From going back to school to getting involved in a peer group, I shared with them a number of ways you can keep yourself sharp. Get out there and make it happen! Read the blog post here.