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Target Layoffs: What This Means for Your Personal Brand

In the wake of the latest round of layoffs at Target, there’s virtually no one in the Twin Cities who hasn’t been affected in some way. Whether it’s your neighbor, friend, or even yourself, everyone is asking the same question: What happens next?

When big changes like this happen in the marketplace, along with all the usual questions, it’s time to ask yourself, “What is my personal brand?”

It’s likely not the first question that popped into your head when you heard about the layoffs at Target, but let’s walk through why it could be the most important.

Companies Have Brands for a Reason

What comes to mind when you think of Target? If you had to describe the company in 3-5 words, what would you say? Those perceptions are their brand. It should demonstrate what they stand for, what they want people to think of them, and, to put it simply, who they want to be. The reason you know what to expect when you walk into a Target retail store is because they live and breathe their brand.

Evaluate Your Personal Brand

So what is your brand? No matter how many years of experience you have, you have built a perception of yourself in the workplace. Is the brand you want to create the same as the brand others see? It’s a useful exercise to talk openly with others about what your personal brand says about you. Who knows – you might be surprised by what they have to say!

It’s Never Too Late to Start

Whatever stage of your career you’re in, it’s time to create your brand! Determine your values, your strengths, and the impression you want to give. This becomes your brand. This is what you should exude in everything you do! Your brand will help you make decisions in your career, and even your personal life. And the best part? You and only you get to determine your personal brand.

After you’ve determined your personal brand, put it to work for you!  Whether you’re looking for a new role or happy in your current position, align your brand with your career goals and you’ll find success.

Resource for Former Target Employees

If you have been recently displaced from Target, we would love for you to join us to discuss what’s next. Learn more about Versique’s Career Planning Seminars for Former Target Employees hosted on Thursday, March 26th – register today! Or, submit your resume to connect with a recruiter.

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