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The Three R’s of a Productive Life

It’s back to school time again and it seems like everyone is ready for a few productivity tricks. There’s nothing like the panic of early start times to set your day off on the wrong foot. Before you get caught up in the morning scramble of making lunches and tracking down the right folders, shoes, and books, remember these three elements of keeping your work week on track and successful.


Even the best laid plans can quickly go haywire without a routine. The best thing I’ve done for my personal productivity is to set my work week with intention. On Mondays, I call clients; on Tuesdays, I prospect, and so on. Create a routine and stay consistent with it. Setting a routine will keep you focused and leave little to no room for key projects, calls, or goals to fall through the cracks.


At the end of each day, take a moment to review what you have accomplished and what’s left undone for tomorrow or the rest of the week. Schedule time on your calendar to tackle the things that need to get accomplished. Just like homework, you’ll feel better and be more successful if you know exactly what you need to complete and when.


If your routine isn’t on par with your needs, refine it. Try making calls at various times of day until you find what works best. You may find your clients are more receptive to calls at certain times. Or perhaps you’ll discover that making lunches in the morning makes you feel rushed. Try making them the night before, with only finishing touches left for the morning. By paying attention to what works best for you and making the necessary tweaks, you can set yourself up for success.

The three R’s of productivity (routine, review, and refine) are the keys to feeling prepared and boosting productivity. A few simple steps can make life a little simpler, whether it be at home or at work. It’s your schedule, think it through and make it work for you.

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