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Tiffany Kuehl Discusses HR Compliance Training at Mitchell Hamline School of Law

June 17, 2016 – Versique’s Senior Account Human Resources Recruiter, Tiffany Kuehl, recently participated in the Human Resource Compliance Advisory Group Meeting at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. The discussion focused on the development of Mitchell Hamline’s professional curriculum in Human Resource Compliance.

In the meeting, participants discussed questions proposed by Mitchell Hamline in order to determine what students and employers look for in Mitchell Hamline’s program, what alternatives for HR compliance training currently exist, and where the gaps are. Additionally, participants identified key topics or subject matter areas that should be included in Mitchell Hamline’s program, as well as what types of task-based learning activities should be utlitized.

About Mitchell Hamline

Mitchell Hamline School of Law provides a legal education grounded in legal theory and distinguished by exceptional practical legal training. A forward-thinking, independent law school with a history dating back more than 100 years, Mitchell Hamline has continually shaped legal education to be relevant to students, their future clients, and the legal profession. The school is committed to making legal education accessible and offers an unmatched number of enrollment options. Students graduate prepared to put their degree into practice or use their legal training in the profession of their choice.

Mitchell Hamline’s goal is to broaden access to legal education with programs designed for professionals seeking training in the law. The school has more than 50 faculty members with expertise in the real-world problems facing business professionals today. Because it is an independent law school, Mitchell Hamline can move quickly and tailor training to the most timely and significant issues. They were the first law school in the country to adopt best practices in online education to allow students to earn an ABA-accredited, partly online and partly on-campus J.D. through the Hybrid Program. Mitchell Hamline continues to adapt such practices for professional legal education.