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It’s Time to Redesign Your Website – Who Should You Hire?

When it’s time to rebrand (or redesign your website) where should you turn? There are a variety of options ranging from working with boutique agencies to large agencies, in-house employees to individual consultants. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each partnership will help you choose the best option for your firm.

Boutique Agencies

Benefit: Many boutique firms specialize in a smaller set of offerings. Specialization can benefit your company and make your project even stronger.

Limitation: It’s can be difficult to find all of the services you need under one roof of a boutique agency. On the other hand, working with multiple agencies can provide you with multiple points of view, which could develop a stronger project in the end.

Large Agencies

Benefit: Large agencies typically offer a nice, wide variety of services under one roof.

Limitation: Costs can be higher due to the agency needing to compensate for additional overhead.

Hiring In-house

Benefit: An internal employee is always available and will be a true advocate for your brand.

Limitation: It’s a financial commitment to hire someone in-house and you may not have enough design or development work to justify a full-time employee.

Hiring Individual Consultants

Benefit: A consultant can be available when you need them and are often skilled experts in their field. They also can have lower costs due to smaller overhead.

Limitation: Training a consultant in to your specific brand and company culture make take a little time.

These are just a few benefits and limitations to each partnership. To read more about these types of agencies and determine which is best for your redesign needs, read the rest of my blog originally posted on the Deluxe Blog.

Do you have any success stories of working with one of these types of partners? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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