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Top 3 Skills of a Successful Recruiter

Whether you’re considering entering the recruiting industry, are currently a recruiter, or are working with a recruiter, here are the top 3 skills you should be looking for, highlighted by Tim Johnstad, Talent Acquisition Specialist:

1. Compassion

Perhaps the biggest skill that is necessary to be a successful recruiter is compassion. As a recruiter, you are in a position to truly help someone and change their life by connecting them to a career that is meaningful to them. Recruiting is a constant process of discovery with a potential candidate, working to understand their strengths, goals, and what they will need to succeed in their next role. Moving jobs and careers can be a daunting process, both for potential candidates and for clients looking for a new employee, and so showing authentic care for what matters to them most will help build that trust and make a successful partnership.

2. Grind

The next skill a recruiter must have is the ability to grind through work on the day to day. The labor market is a wide pool of potential candidates, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the best fit for your clients. That’s why as a recruiter, perseverance is a necessary quality to have in the search process. You may need to be creative and think of innovative ways to find talent. The key is to never give up, because there are always possibilities, options, and networks you have yet to tap into.

3. Passion

Recruiters are brand ambassadors for the clients and companies they work for. For a lot of people, Recruiters may be the first introduction they have to a new company. In a lot of ways, you are the initial face and voice of the organization, and your positivity and passion will be apparent. You want everyone you talk with to walk away with a great impression of not only you, but also the company, even if you don’t end up choosing them for a role or the company decides to move in a different direction.


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