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Top 4 Tips for Current Job Seekers

September 19, 2017 – Have you been looking to improve your job status? Possibly searching for new opportunities? If you are currently searching for a new job and haven’t had the results you’d hope for lately, don’t give up. Employment experts say the summer months, especially June and August are two of the slowest months for searching for a new job, but things are about to speed up! Chris Dardis, local recruitment expert and HR professional, was recently interviewed on WCCO to discuss how you can stand out from other applicants in your job search.

Chris Dardis. a local recruitment expert and HR professional with Versique, talks with Kim Johnson and Jason DeRusha on WCCO This Morning.


Chris explains, “If you have been waiting to hear back from companies, things are about to change. September and October are typically some of the busiest times of the year for hiring, this can be due to the summer wrapping up and companies needing to utilize the rest of their budget by the end of year.” If you are in the market for a new job, Chris provided four important tips for current job seekers.


Revamp Your Resume

Make sure your resume is specific to each and every job you apply for, it’s okay to have 4-5 different resumes that call out specific skill sets that are required in different job descriptions. So make sure you are personalizing those resumes to fit each position.

Update Your LinkedIn

These days, LinkedIn can be more important than a resume. Make sure your profile is completely filled out. Optimize your headline and profile picture, list all your important skill sets, add your accomplishments and keep it professional.

Don’t Stop at the Job Application

Many people tend to apply for a job and then they just wait to hear back. Instead, be active, go through your LinkedIn network and see if you have any connections to that company. If you do, reach out to them, who you know and a personal testimonial can make all the difference.

Always Follow Up

Send a thoughtful email, right after the interview. State in the email why you are excited about the job opportunity, why you would be the right fit and what you can bring to the company.

Following these tips will improve your chances for a successful job search. For additional tips, make sure to follow us on social to get our latest updates!


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