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Trust Your Team To Do Their Job

Let your team do their job, just as you did yours.  

You have gotten to where you are by working hard, doing the right thing and being driven. Most likely you did not need your boss driving and micro-managing you. When you are building a team, hire great people and let them be great.

There is no amount of training that will create perfection, so provide your team with what they need, and if possible, what they want, then lead by trusting them to succeed. You can help your team by removing barriers, providing them with insights from your experience and holding them accountable for what you both agree will make them successful. There is no need to smother them.

If they have a specific task to do, let them do it. When you delegate a task to them, expect it can be done differently than how you would have done it, but in the end the outcome will be the same result. Understand that everyone works differently and that’s okay, as a leader it’s your job to recognize that.

Thomas Edison said, “I haven’t failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” If your team is smart, works hard and has a strong commitment to win, let them win. Everyone knows there are failures in business and yes, large failures can be very costly. You can manage enough to try to prevent large failures, as long as your team is learning from mistakes along the way.

Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.” You will have set backs in life and at work, as life and work are not fair, but stick to the vision and keep your enthusiasm and you will all win together.

Don’t be afraid to let people be great and blaze their own trail within the confines of your vision and that of your organization. A true leader will step back and let their team do their job without standing over their shoulders. If you made the correct hiring decision, then you need to trust your team members to perform.


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