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The Best Two Ways To Launch (and Enhance) Your Public Relations Strategy

Public Relations (PR) is a great way to create buzz about your company without the financial commitment of traditional advertising. There are two main ways to put your company’s news in the path of your favorite media outlets.

The first is to decide who will be managing your PR – someone in-house or a public relations agency. PR is about building relationships and establishing your business. Having someone in-house to work on your PR strategy can be a great option if you have the right person, but if you need to outsource, PR firms have well-established connections to news outlets, which can help drive your stories to your desired audience (not to mention it’s always nice to have more brainstorming power).

The second way to make the most of PR is to identify which type of stories to write (aka, the type of stories the media will want to pick up). Although you may write great, sharable content, there are a certain types of pieces that work best for PR.

To find out which types work best and how to launch your PR strategy, read the rest of this blog, originally published on Idea Hub, Deluxe Corporation’s blog.

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