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Two Tricks to Dominate Downtime at Work

Does it ever feel like you’re being asked to get more and more done with fewer and fewer hours in the day? And in addition to that, are you trying to grow personally and professionally? It can be a lot to keep up with. However, you may be surprised by how little time it takes to keep your professional and personal development moving forward, even while you’re at work.

Life gets busy, and that tricky balance between what has to get done and how much coffee is safe to consume gets difficult to maintain. At some point, we’ve all hit a wall at work that seems to halt productivity. An easy way to get around this block is to stop staring at the spreadsheet and do something you like for a few minutes! Whether it’s reading an industry article or listening to your favorite song, simply finding an enjoyable distraction or taking the time to learn something new about your profession can actually make you more productive.

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