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Understanding Digital and Modern Marketing

In recent years, marketers have experienced a distinct shift from the norms of traditional marketing to the brave new digital world. In just two short years, digital advertising spending is predicted to overtake television ad spend. In fact, digital is set to represent 30% of all ad spending in the United States by 2019.

As the industry advances into the digital age, the number of traditional marketing roles available seems to be dwindling. Instead, we’ve entered an age of what some are calling “modern marketing.”

Sure, it might seem like a buzzword, but “modern marketing” is a combination of traditional marketing, strategic marketing, digital marketing, social media engagement, and more, all culminating to produce a better measurement of results.

Modern marketing is more effective, cost efficient, measurable, targeted, social, and mobile compared to traditional marketing [Modern Marketing Partners]. However, it doesn’t render all the concepts of traditional marketing obsolete, instead it combines them.

As a result of this shift, marketing roles are steadily becoming more specialized and digital-focused. It’s no longer enough to understand the basics of why people buy. The focus has shifted to branding, interaction, and relationships. Modern marketing means not only bringing your message directly to the consumer on the screen of their choosing, but building a relationship, even becoming their friend and trusted partner.

In addition to building valuable relationships, marketing is increasingly becoming data-focused. Each decision is based on extensive research and data, which has led to the increasing importance of technical roles in the marketing field. Marketing and IT are working closer than ever to provide more effective business solutions.

As modern marketing continues to emerge, so does the list of the new most in-demand digital marketing jobs. There are four digital marketing positions in particular that have recently emerged as the most sought after roles in the market. These include the CMT (Chief Marketing Technologist), the VP of Digital Media, the Demand Generation Director, and the Digital Marketing Manager.

Keeping up with evolving customer markets and communications is tough, but necessary. Building your digital marketing team can help you not only maintain current clients, but also reach out to new targets more effectively.

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