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Why Using a Specialized Recruiter Is Essential For Search Success

Whether you’re enlisting help finding a panel of qualified candidates to interview or in finding your next career advancing opportunity, there are many recruiters to choose from. One differentiator that sets some recruiters apart is relevant industry experience. This may seem obvious, but there are plenty of successful recruiters that do not have experience in the industry they’re recruiting for. Relevant experience has advantages for both clients and candidates in the middle of a search.


    1. Finding and qualifying candidates quickly

When searching for candidates, it is important to establish credibility quickly. By using a recruiter with experience with the position, they can establish an immediate rapport with qualified candidates. For example, recruiters not only use their existing networks but also LinkedIn as a tool to find passive candidates. Qualified candidates can sometimes be inundated with LinkedIn requests, inMails, and messages. If your recruiter has relevant certifications or licenses such as a CPA or CFA, it will make them stand out in the passive candidate’s inbox and potentially warrant a response to get the conversation started.

    1. Better understanding of the skills and responsibilities of the role

Part of taking on a new client and job is an intake interview. During this process, the recruiter will gather relevant information about your company, team and required skills to appropriately qualify candidates. If your recruiter has performed the tasks required of the open position, they are able to ask specific clarifying questions and better define someone who will be a good fit.

    1. Appropriately evaluate the personality of someone who will be a good fit for the role and culture

It takes all kinds to make a well-rounded team. To put it in football terms, you wouldn’t want an offensive lineman to be playing the position of wide receiver. It’s not the right fit. In the same sense, to be successful as a controller at your company, you may need someone who is high energy and outgoing, but at the same time can roll up their sleeves and get into the details. When your recruiter is building the profile of the ideal candidate, it helps if they can relate the profile with people they have worked with in similar positions in the past.



    1. Presenting jobs that align with specific industries

As your career progresses, one tends to develop interests and expertise in certain industries. When you use a recruiter that has been building a network in the same industry, they are able to leverage those relationships to your advantage, giving you an edge over other job seekers.

    1. Having a pulse on a specific industry

When you are working diligently closing the books or projecting capital expenditures for the next year, it helps to have an advocate who is actively having discussions with people in your industry. They can alert you to specific trends that may be useful for you to know.

    1. Continuously advocating and advancing your career

This is where a close and trusting relationship with a recruiter can really add value to your career. A recruiter who knows your long-term, industry-specific career goals will be able to bring multiple ideal opportunities to you. Knowing where you are in the process of achieving your goals allows them to present opportunities where timing and experience align.

Again, there are many excellent recruiters that may not have relevant industry experience who can add value to any client or candidate. Working with a recruiter with an industry-specific background can bring immediate rapport and confident representation to your search.

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