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Versique HR Lab: Leadership Development as an Engagement Initiative

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May 9, 2017 – In a competitive job market, coupled with increased need for succession planning, intentional talent development can be a compelling initiative to retain valuable employees. There are a variety of programs, paths and ways to grow your team. How do you know which options are right for your organization?

Versique recently hosted an engaging TED Talks style story telling HR Lab at the Room & Board headquarters in Golden Valley. We heard from key HR leaders about their unique Leadership Development programs. They explained firsthand how sending your employees to new locations can be beneficial in developing their leadership skills.

The Panelists:

  • Nancy Greatrix, Director of HR @ Room & Board
  • Dy Drake, Organizational Development Director @ Medica
  • Lindsey Vanderbosch, HR Manager @ Interstate Companies


About the Event

Nancy kicked off our stories with some great insights to the Room & Board company culture.  The hallmark of their business is love your work, mutual respect and keep it simple.  She has learned through her career that HR’s role is to support their leaders, so the leaders and employees have a solid relationship.  True employee advocacy.  The Room & Board philosophy is encouraging career growth, by building a strong leadership community.  They provide solid development options, whether traveling to a different location to sharpen skills, coaching, leadership calls, book recommendations and realizing that there are different leadership styles.

When discussing leadership development program options, Dy explained that their VP’s & Directors chose to survey employees to determine where they were with leadership & development continuum.  Through their findings, they discovered there were holes in who was getting training and what training options available. They fine-tuned a great program that incorporates a variety of partners as well as internal developmental opportunities. The eighteen-month long program produced a variety of additional benefits, including evolving great professionals, culture and more.

Lindsey shared details about the evolution of their organization and significant culture shift that they have been working on for years.  Growth through acquisition and the shift instigated the need for improved developmental opportunities, for their leaders of today and tomorrow.  Interstates newly created program is focusing on developing leaders that integrates different learning methods, classroom, collaborative, distance learning and more.  It is kicked off by a phone call from the President & CEO to welcome participants to the program.

Overall this the event was an informative format for the HR executives to understand and get new ideas on how to help their companies succeed in talent development.


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