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Versique Launches Exclusive 2015 Minnesota Finance & Accounting Salary Guide

by Versique

January 5, 2015 – Versique launched the 2015 Minnesota Finance & Accounting Salary Guide featuring salary range information, as well as the latest industry and company trends.

The information in the guide was gathered from Versique’s recruiters – who have more than 350 years of experience – as well as from the firm’s extensive applicant database, and from finance and accounting industry sources nationwide.

“The salary guide is such a valuable resource for candidates and employers alike,” said Joe Reardon, Practice Director of Versique’s Finance & Accounting division. “It’s a great way to get a snapshot of the industry as it is now, and get an idea of where it’s heading in the future. This information puts both candidates and hiring managers in a great position during the hiring process and beyond.”

Download the free 2015 Minnesota Finance & Accounting Salary Guide from Versique today to set yourself up for success in the finance industry.

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