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Versique Presented The Jacque Award By Simon Says Give

In the fall, Simon Says Give presents awards to donors and key people that have supported the organization throughout the year. Once again this year, Versique has been recognized as a Legacy Donor. A Legacy Donor award recognizes donors that provide $10,000, or more, in support of the organization. In addition to receiving Legacy Donor recognition in 2019, Versique was honored with a Jacque Award.


The Jacque Award honors Jacque Fiegel and the impact she has made on the organization. Jacque was the first person to donate and lean in with support to encourage Simon Says Give to get started. She wrote a check to Simon Says Give while the organization was still in the idea phase, with the direction that her expectation was that it would be put towards getting the organization off the ground. When Simon Says Give turned 5-years old, they honored Jacque with the eponymous award. Every year since, Simon Says Give has selected a person or organization that is deserving of the Jacque award. 


The award represents partnership and leaning in to support the organization to take it to the next level. Versique has been a partner in many ways since Simon Says Give launched in 2012. In 2019, Versique hosted a community event that raised over $17,000 on behalf of Simon Says Give. This Jacque award was in recognition of the many years of the partnership, but most importantly the large impact they made by hosting a fundraising event to continue to grow Simon Says Give.


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Simon Says Give is a kid founded and kid operated nonprofit. Our Tagline: Kids Celebrating Kids. Our Mission: To develop the next generation of leaders to be unstoppable. Our Goal: To impact 2 million kids by 2022.