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Versique Search & Consulting Launches 2015 IT Salary Guide

October 24, 2015 – Versique Search & Consulting recently launched the 2015 Minnesota IT Salary Guide. This guide is a comprehensive resource for hiring trends and compensation information in the Minnesota Information Technology industry.

Along with information about attracting and retaining top talent, the 2015 IT Salary Guide includes salary ranges for various IT positions broken down by job function, title, and company size.

The information in the guide – collected from in-depth research, our extensive applicant database, and hundreds of permanent and consulting placements – aims to assist both job seekers in their search for the right career fit, and hiring managers and leadership in their search for top talent.

“We want our clients and candidates to know where they stand in the marketplace and what they can expect when they start a career search,” said Tony Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Versique. “By releasing this information in a comprehensive guide, we want to ensure both companies and job seekers feel prepared for the future of the IT industry.”

Versique also recently launched the 2015 HR Salary Guide.

Click to download the 2015 IT Salary Guide!