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What is “The Hub”? Versique Creates a New Recruiting Center of Excellence to Drive Partner Success

It’s no secret that the competitive landscape for top talent is fierce across almost all industries in the United States. As a result, companies big and small have to roll out the red carpet to land talent that has previously been much easier to find and hire/land. Our leadership at Versique has had their eyes wide open to the challenges that our client partners face. 

Based on that understanding, Versique recently launched a revolutionary Recruiting Center of Excellence called “The Hub” to accomplish the task of sourcing, recruiting and placing top talent despite the complex talent landscape. The creation of this program is an unprecedented move for Versique. The formulation and now execution of this program has been months, if not years, in the making, and it is exhilarating to see it come to fruition.  

As Director of Recruiting, I will be leading the Hub – a responsibility I consider the thrill of my professional career and a humbling vote of confidence from our organizational leadership, who have built legendary and successful careers in the Executive Search and Recruiting industries.  

The success of the Recruiting Center of Excellence at Versique will hinge on several different factors I will highlight below. I believe The Hub will drive success not only for our organization but also for our client and candidate partners.

Creating a Plan for Success

In 2020, the pressure of COVID-19 caused tremendous strain on us all. I know I was not alone when it came to re-evaluating everything from my health and wellness to best practices for maintaining a home school and home office balance for my family. The uncertainty prompted many questions, and I started to question the processes surrounding my work as a recruiter.  

As I started going through the steps for conducting a search for our clients – intake and discovery meetings, internal kickoff meetings, continuous research, phone screening, and interviews – I came to a sudden realization. The steps I laid out for conducting a search were not unique to me but were steps taken by every member of our team. Therefore, I had to ask myself whether our team had truly defined and documented our process in a repeatable, measurable, and scalable way? In short, the answer was “no.”

I sat down and created this detailed process of recruiting talent. Through this evaluation, the Recruiting Center of Excellence, or “The Hub,” was born – a one-of-a-kind, team-oriented approach to sourcing and placing top talent in today’s competitive labor market.

Putting Together a Winning Team

The Hub provides our clients and candidates a process that is unmatched in recruiting capacity, thanks to our winning team of professionals.

I’ve teamed up with Scott Peterson, Vice President of Executive Search; Laura Shoults, Director of Engineering & Operations Search; and Dave Lindstrom, Director of Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Search, to form an internal “dream team” at our firm to guide The Hub and its goals. Our President, Steve Yakesh, challenged us to collaborate and set up The Hub within the framework of a team, betting that together we could drive our business in a way that we couldn’t as individuals.

With multiple recruiters engaged in a tried and true process, there is more support dedicated to sourcing and recruiting talent for the roles our clients and candidates need. As the team at Versique continues to grow, so does our ability to perform multiple searches to find the best talent while providing tremendous quality and value to our clients.

Now that The Hub is a reality and we have brought on extraordinary young recruiters like Gabby Vetsch, Parker Johnson, and Jordan Lieser, we’re collaborating with EACH internal practice area to grow our business and partner with the best clients and candidates in the country.

Versique, as it stands today, is a thriving business thanks to the dedication and hard work of true industry titans. We’ve already shot out of the gate, and we are very excited about the future.

Dedicated to Finding the Best Talent

Versique’s practice leaders are dedicated to understanding our clients’ and candidates’ needs. As stated previously, with an entire team devoted to doing the leg work to support our sourcing and recruiting needs, we have access to a larger pool of talented candidates. As a result, we can use a systematic, thoughtful, intentional, and detailed approach to attract and land the best talent for our clients’ critical roles. 

Continued Success Through Practicing Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

Collaboration and continuous improvement are two of the four core values that provide the foundation for our business at Versique. As we project what success looks like inside The Hub, it is crystal clear that collaboration and continuous improvement will drive that success. The Hub will collaborate by: 

  • Providing exceptional service, value, and transparency to our clients and candidates by working together in partnership.
  • Fostering teamwork as we kick our program into gear and execute to the best of our ability.  

Additionally, The Hub will foster continuous improvement through:

  • Knowing and seeing the challenges ahead of time and making the necessary adjustments to overcome those challenges.  
  • Not being satisfied with what we’ve accomplished so far, but being determined to continue pushing ourselves and getting better at what we do every day.

Our team at Versique continues to refine and fine-tune our search process with granular detail to provide outstanding and first-class results for our clients while also dedicating ourselves to treating candidates with respect and appreciation of who they are as professionals.

We’re incredibly excited about the launch of the Recruiting Center of Excellence – The Hub – at Versique. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization recruit and place the best talent available.