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What Should You Do When a Recruiter Calls? 10 Ways to Make the Most of It!

If you’re a top-tier candidate in your field, chances are, recruiters are contacting you…a lot. A number of industries are heating up in the Twin Cities, especially the IT industry!

Here’s the how to make the most out of recruiter calls:

1. Show appreciation for being noticed. Let the recruiter know you appreciate his or her interest in you. A recruiter has already reviewed your resume and feels you may be a fit for the job. Who knows? This might be your dream job.

2. Offer quality conversation. If the recruiter has called at a bad time, set up a better time for the call. When you take the call, answer the recruiter’s questions in clear, concise sentences, as recruiters use these calls to assess a candidate’s communications skills.

3. Learn about the specific opportunity up front. A good recruiter should give you the name of the client company and/or a specific job description early in the conversation. This will help determine if you have already heard about the opportunity and if the opportunity is something you may be interested in.

4. Ask how they found you. Ask the recruiter how they heard about you so you know which job boards or referrals work. Ask for the recruiter’s web address and phone number so you can check out the search firm.

5. Determine the recruiter’s relationship with the client company. Understand if the recruiter is working on contingency search or if a client company has paid the recruiter a portion of the money up front to fill the position. If the recruiter is working on the search after receiving money upfront, candidates will move through the interview process more quickly.

6. Ask to see a job description and salary range. Ask the recruiter to e-mail a job description and tell you the salary range for the opening. If the position is something you are interested in after reviewing the description and compensation, forward your resume to the recruiter.

7. Tailor your resume for the role. When you send your resume to the recruiter, tell them they only have the authorization to send your resume to the job description you have reviewed. Include a brief cover letter with your resume that includes your current salary, the salary range you are looking for, and key reasons you are interested in this position.

8. No lying. Do not embellish your salary requirements or experience to a recruiter. This will make you and the recruiter look bad as the interview process moves forward.

9. Establish communication expectations. Establish a communication plan with the recruiter. Ask the recruiter when they expect to receive feedback on your resume, and tell the recruiter the best time to contact you.

10. Lean on your recruiter’s expertise. Use the recruiter’s expertise as you go through the interview process. Recruiters know how to prepare you for phone and in-person interviews, how to compare different job opportunities, and how to negotiate salaries, bonuses, and benefits.
Bottom line: Your skills are in demand. Take calls from recruiters, and enjoy the ride!

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Content provided by Joe Janasz