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What will the Job Market Look Like in 2022? (WCCO Interview with Jenna Estlick)

What does 2022 hold when it comes to the challenges organizations face and how job candidates can best take advantage of the market in the new year?

2021 started with the “Great Resignation”, when a large number of employees voluntarily left their jobs. That created a compound problem for businesses. “Right now, employees and candidates have a lot of power in the market,” says Jenna Estlick, Director of Client Partnerships for HR Consulting at Versique.

With the new COVID-19 variant continuing to create a lot of uncertainty, companies need to be looking at changes to retain their employees and attract top candidates, and candidates need to be prepared for the changing environments of employers.

Watch the interview below with Jenna Estlick, which aired live on WCCO CBS Minnesota on December 27th, 2021.

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