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What’s Trending In HR Consulting, Right Now!

I have greatly enjoyed my 5 years in HR Consulting at Versique. I have noted before how fascinating HR trends are to watch and to explore what our clients’ needs are – consistent and fresh. 2019 has proven to be a mix of Talent Acquisition, Instructional Designers and Total Rewards projects.

All things Talent Acquisition have been consistently hot. With slight differences being sought after by clients, each year:


2014: Companies were looking for specific Recruiters to help with the growing job expansion.

2015: Clients were looking for someone who could come in to help identify candidates and keep them warm – In our current market, there is barely time to entertain keeping candidates warm while companies compare and expedite talent.

2016 – 17: Increasing IT, Sales and Manufacturing recruitment efforts – Last year, we saw more clients looking for TA leaders with creative ideas of how to help refocus and redesign recruitment efforts, expanding Social Media and ways to reach candidates.

2018 – 19: Our candidate market is becoming increasingly competitive. Candidates are taking jobs for very personal reasons, versus just a money move. Clients have been seeking TA help in all shapes and sizes: sourcers, implementation consultants to help with new technologies, industry-specific Recruiters (example: IT Recruiter) and consultants who can help reach candidates in creative ways.


This month alone, we’ve seen a specific demand for HR Generalist who can Recruit, or a Recruiter who could handle Generalist projects. This is a creative approach, however, this is like asking for an elephant to tightrope with all due respect.

I think that this skill set “happened” over the past few years, as we have seen the trifecta of a strong economy, solid job growth and an active candidate market. However, in our current incredibly fast-moving candidate-market, companies really need an expert in each area of Human Capital. Where we appreciate pinch hitters and cross-functional teams, this market demands a dedicated Talent Acquisition team or professional – as Generalist work does as well.

As we help clients evaluate their needs, in the spirit of being a trusted partner, we suggest getting a strong Recruiter to recruit and a great HR Generalist to do what they do best!


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